Bath Uni

Here is one of four finished courts that has been converted back to traditional white. Works included: painting of above court, wall lining, plastering, painting, new tin plate/play board kit and new Junckers floor installed.

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Bath Uni

Here we have 4 Squash Courts that we are converting back to traditional white courts and installing brand new Junckers Squash floors. Finished picture to follow....

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Yate Badminton Courts

Now the courts at Yate really stand out with a fresh coat of paint.

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Yate Badminton Courts

7 X badminton courts at  Yate awaiting new paint to enhance their appearance....... After picture to follow.

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Sport Hall Scrub & Seal

We have preped the floor and are midway through applying the first coat of sealant.

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Sherborne Squash Courts

Full refurbishment of 2 X coloured courts @ Sherborne. Armourcoat plaster repairs, painting, lining, painting above court, sanding and lining of the floors.

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Islington Squash Courts

Here the client required painting, wall lining and Armourcoat plaster repairs to 4 X courts.

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Armourcoat plaster repairs, Bristol

Some minor Armourcoat plaster repairs carried out on this court. We also converted the front play wall back to a traditional white.

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Dance Studio, Farnham

A floor repair and undercarriage strengthening at Farnham. It appears a weight has been dropped on the area where a supporting plastic cradle was sat. Floor become very spongy in the area affected.

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Trowbridge Dance Studio

Here we have a dance studio floor where the undercarriage has given way and created a spongey effect on the floor. We have installed new undercarriage and strengthened where possible.

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