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Keble College, Oxford

This court was a joy to refurbish as it belongs to one of our regular customers who periodically maintains the court. This helped us as there was only minor Armourcoat plastering required. Works carried out were; lighting unit service, painting above court, wall lining, painting play area, Armourcoat plaster repairs, sanding of court floor and [...]

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Dance Studio, Exeter (part 3)

Looking like a new Dance Studio now after 3 coats of high traffic Approved sealant!

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Dance Studio, Exeter (part 2)

Here we have sanded the floor working down through the grades of sandpaper. Still a final sand to go and a screen mesh final sand. Great to see that nearly all of the deep marks and scratches have been removed. Almost ready for seal to go down.

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Dance Studio, Exeter (part 1)

A very worn dance studio this week at Exeter. Well overdue for a Sand & Seal.  Sanded picture to follow.....

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Croydon, London

Here we have carried out a court releasing, the floor had swelled tight to both side walls and popped up in the middle making it unsafe for play. We have also removed a section of damaged floor and renewed/strengthened the undercarriage where needed. Just a case of splicing in the new boards now using Junckers [...]

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Cambridge Uni

After carrying out all the plaster repairs using Amourcoat Squash Court Plaster, the walls have been painted, lines have been renewed & a new tin plate installed. This picture shows the difference a good sanding can make to the appearance of the court. Also helping to provide much needed grip on what were some VERY [...]

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Cambridge Uni (before)

Some extensive Armourcoat Plastering required to 3 x Squash Courts at Cambridge University.

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Melksham Floor Repairs

Yesterday we carried out a few Sports Hall floor repairs. The floor boards were dipping and creating a trip hazard so we splined in new boards where needed.

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Westbury, Wiltshire

A failing ASB system front play wall that we removed. We have built up a breeze block front play wall ready for application of a new Armourcoat Squash Court Plaster front play wall. This is a pic of the above court area (multi-finish) ready for the Armourcoat to be applied up to meet and installation [...]

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Taunton Squash Court

Here is a full refurbishment of a Squash Court recently carried out at Taunton School, Somerset.

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